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Vital Ring: a Wearable Wireless Multiple-Lead ECG Sensor Embedded in a Flexible Finger Ring

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Dr. Zhenyu Li
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Electrocardiogram Sensor Ring

US Patent Pending 2018-0020977

Patients at risk of adverse cardiac events can benefit from mobile, on-demand, or real-time monitoring of their heart rhythms. Patient data can help diagnose symptoms of cardiac arrhythmias, heart attacks, and more. GW engineers incorporated advanced electrocardiogram (ECG) capabilities into a wearable device to provide portability and ease of use.

Competing devices on the market acquire ECG signals for analysis, but have large electrode size, adhesive gel, less than 2 weeks usability, or are limited to single lead systems with less diagnostic capability.

To tackle these problems, GW researchers devised a wearable ring with a miniature ECG unit, data processor, and dry electrodes. Users activate on-demand data collection by touching the ring to different locations on the body. The ECG signals can be sent wirelessly to a smartphone for display and analysis, or to a remote authorized physician for diagnosis and fast intervention.

The device itself incorporates a patented stretchable, flexible CMOS chip packaging with liquid metal connections. Testing of an initial prototype is underway in the laboratory


·  Personal health monitoring

·  Clinical trial population cardiac side effect monitoring

.   Detect cardiac arrhythmias and infarctions


·  Mobile, long-term, on-demand data for physicians and patients

·  Portable and miniature; fits on the finger of the patient

·  No need for adhesive gel and hence is a quicker, cleaner

·  Multiple leads provides higher quality data than other mobile devices